Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

BSB 600 Super Stock Round 2 – Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

After a promising but difficult start to the season at Donington Park, we were eager to kick start our season at Brands Hatch. With it being just the Indy circuit and only around 48 seconds a lap, it certainly doesn’t take much learning and I know I can be quick there so I was looking forward to it!

Free Practice 1

Free Practice 1 was wet, very wet! Nonetheless I went out around 10 minutes into the session and within 3 laps I had topped the times by half a second, so I think it is fair to say we have got a good feeling with the bike in the wet! On the last lap of the session, on the last corner, I lost the rear suddenly and crashed out. This was hugely frustrating because I had done nothing different to what I had done the previous 14 laps and it meant the bike once again needed rebuilding. At the end of the day, this is racing and these things happen so we move on and go again!


Due to the crash we missed FP2 and at the same time missed valuable track time because it was dry, so this meant going into qualifying on the back foot; nonetheless I was still  confident


Qualifying was held in perfect conditions. The sun was out and I was buzzin’ to get going. It didn’t really go to plan though, we made the wrong choice with gearing and I was struggling in too many areas to be able to post a lap time we were capable of and I felt like I was over riding the bike. 21st is work to do, I like a good challenge so game on!


Warm Up

Warm up On the Sunday we had warm up in the morning which we had made some big changes for and I felt so much more comfortable on the bike, ending that session 10th. I was quite pleased with that because I knew I could go a lot quicker and the pace I was running I felt really comfortable with, so I was looking forward to the race.


The Race

The race day was again perfect conditions and I was confident of fighting my way through the pack. I got an alright start but I wasn’t aggressive enough in the opening laps because Brands Indy is a very short circuit and when you’re bunched up with 30 odd other riders it can be very easy to tangle with someone, so I was biding my time. On lap 3 is when I started to push and I made a hard, but fair, move on someone into turn 2 at Druids. Sadly though he tried to go around the outside of me and in the process clipped my rear wheel taking us both out.

It was a racing incident and thankfully we were both okay, but frustrating at the same time because it’s safe to say luck is not with us at the moment! I think that could have been a good race and we could have got a decent result inside the points but it wasn’t to be.

This is racing, if it was easy every man and his dog would be at it so it’s just a case of having to work a bit more at it, but on the plus side I think we’ve shown glimpses of the speed that we have, so now it is just a case of keeping it up right, staying out of trouble and proving to everyone that we can run with the fastest Stock 600 riders in the UK!

Massive thanks to you all for sticking by us and supporting us through it all, honestly does mean a lot! ☺